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Who We Are

Our team is led by experienced c-suite executives and founders on all our client engagements. As a boutique firm with a lean organizational structure, we possess the agility and flexibility to adapt our services to best serve our clients. We approach all our work through the lens of our Pedemontis promise. 

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Pedemontis promise


Industry Expertise and Focus

Pedemontis is a specialized consulting firm focused exclusively on the consumer goods and retail sector. Our deep industry expertise enables us to provide solutions that address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by retailers and consumer goods companies.


Executive Level Involvement

At Pedemontis, our executives are industry veterans with decades of experience between them. Our unique structure means clients receive direct access to leadership, ensuring their project receives the highest level of attention and strategic guidance.


Tailored Solutions

Unlike other larger consulting firms that offer standardized services, Pedemontis provides customized solutions tailored to the clients' specific needs and goals. We invest time in understanding the organization's culture, challenges and aspirations, enabling us to develop bespoke strategies that drive real results. 


Agility and Flexibility

As a boutique consulting firm, we offer agility and flexibility in our approach. Our operating model allows for streamlined decision-making, efficient response times and a high level of personal attention from our partners.


Cost Efficiency

Our leaner organizational structure and strategic network partner model allows us to offer competitive and flexible pricing while delivering the same level of expertise and quality.


Entreprenurial Mindset

As a consulting firm founded by experienced C-Suite executives, we possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Embracing new ideas, challenging conventional thinking, simplifying the complex to deliver creative and practical solutions to assist our clients business thrive.

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We're ready to help your organization identify opportunities and implement effective solutions to drive growth and success.

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